Yardley London English Rose Refreshing Body Spray – Review

Yardley London English Rose Refreshing Body Spray – Review

Price: INR 190
Quantity : 150 ML
Hi guys!!! So here I’m with the second review on my blog though I was not very regular in blog writing for past few months but hope it doesn’t happen any further. I am always fond of trying and then reviewing new products but was not able to so here I’m with a review of my all-time favorite body spray Yardley London English rose.
Claims on Product
Yardley London has been a purveyor of quality products since the 17th century when the Yardley family paid King Charles I to grant them a concession to manufacture soap for London. Yardley London English Rose is made from finest ingredients to create its unforgettable fragrance. Applying this scented body spray leaves your skin feeling refreshed and invigorating. For the woman who is a delicate beauty, the personification of quiet elegance, Yardley English Rose Deo Spray keeps her fresh and fragrant throughout the day.
Comes with a Caution  
Product Details
Yardley London English rose Deo comes in a attractive pink color very elegant cylindrical bottle with a tamper proof actuator (spray lock). It is travel friendly and available in 2 pack sizes of 75ml and 150ml.
As it has a very attractive, light and floral fragrance which stay for whole day and gives you a nice fresh feeling . It can be worn by women of all the ages and can be worn on any occasion. I am a regular user of this deo since my college days it’s been a 4 to 5 bottles till now or may be more i don’t remember exactly 😜  and I love its the fragrance a lot. It is skin friendly. Hold upright and spray 15cms from the skin
Now lets see the Prosand Cons of the product:
Pros :

  •  Smells like beautiful roses in a garden
  •   It also has a musky fragrance
  •  Packaging and fragrance is very feminine
  • Stays for around 8-10 hours
  • Quite affordable

Cons :

  • It is alcohol based and contains 95% alcohol and is extremely flammable and may affect sensitive skin and can cause irritation.


I will rate it 4 out of 5 

Final Verdict
 I love its fragrance a lot and have used countless bottles of it till date so definitely I will go for it but this time planning to buy perfume would have rate it 5 out of 5 if alcohol content was less.

You may buy at less and discounted price from


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Glitters All That with Love

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