Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick Red Rush 211 – Review

Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick Red Rush 211 – Review 

Price – INR 325
Quantity – 3.9 Gm 

 Hello!!! Friends,welcome back to Glitters All That blog. Hope you all are enjoying the reviews and they are helping you in the best possible way. I have many things in mind regarding blog which you all are going to know in coming days and I am super excited for it. So coming to today’s review, it’s about Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick which comes in 27  shades and I am going to review  one of my most favorite shade out of it which I mostly apply in the parties  and it is “Red Rush- 211“. I just love lipsticks as, a good shade of lipstick is enough to make you look fabulous.So let’s start with the review now.


Claims on the Product –

The ultra-care and super hydrating formula is light and gives you high coverage while caring for your lips. It is heat resistant soft and waxes in the product ensure texture integrity even at high temperatures. All the shades are moisture rich and stay for long without drying lips. It is non-sticky and smooth in texture that allows it to glide easily on lips.

Ingredients –
All the ingredients are given on the outer most packaging which are sought of invisible for eye to read.

Swatches –

 Product Detail –
Maybelline New York Color Show lipstick comes in a black plastic packaging with a rim of color to know which shade group it belongs to.The packaging is not at all fancy as they have kept it very simple.The lipstick is highly pigmented and one stroke gives a perfect shade of red. It is very warm shade of red. It is very smooth in application and glides easily. One thing I loved about this lipstick is it doesn’t settle in line otherwise it look very bad. It also keeps the lips moisturize.Generally stays for 2-3 hrs and if you eat something then it requires a touch up. It does not  contains any shimmer or shine in it and is a perfectly cream finish.As due to cream finish ,I feel it gets easily broken so must be kept in freeze in summer. It is very light and does not feel heavy after application.
I have shared a image below of how it looks after application.

Now let’s see the Pros and Cons of the lipstick

Pros – 

  • Highly pigmented
  • Smooth texture so glides easily
  • Cream Finish
  • Very warm shade
  • Doesn’t settle down in lines
  • Keep the lips moisturize
  • Budgeted product
  • Doesn’t feel heavy 

Cons –

  •  Packaging could have been better 
  •  Get easily melted and broken

Rating –
I would rate it 4.5/5 ,if stored in cool place it would be really worth having.

Final Verdict – 
If you are searching for a warm red shade lipstick of a good brand with a good quality and you are tight with budget then you should surely go for it.
You can buy it online or from any of the departmental stores.
Hope you guys like the review will be soon back with something new till then subscribe through email or you can follow me on social media for all the updates.
See you all soon
Glitters all That with love 🌝🌝🌝


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