In my March Fab Bag 2018 – Review

March Fab Bag – 2018


Hey, guys welcome back to my blog Glitters All That, hope you all are doing well. First of all wish you a Very Happy Women’s Day. Guess what it’s best time of the month as today I am going to review march fab bag which I received yesterday. I am always keen to know what all I will receive in the fab bag and as it’s been 3 months now and the fab bag has not disappointed me in terms of products and delivery till date.

Now before starting today’s post let me give you a brief and quick introduction regarding fab bag.

Fab bag is a monthly beauty bag for women.This bag is generally for the women’s who are beauty enthusiastic and are looking for great products. A beautiful and delightful bag comes every month with  3 to 4 amazing products in it and it’s really worth having it.There are various subscription plans like Rs 599/- for 1 month, Rs 1599/- for 3 months, Rs 2899/- for 6 months and Rs 4999/- for 12 months.


Now let’s start with the review. The theme for the March Fab bag is The Game Changer. The bag came in a printed cardboard packaging with fab bag written everywhere on it. As soon as I opened the package there were two products outside the bag.  This time there was 5 color bag they are Pink, Blue, Golden, Copper, and Silver. I received the copper one. The bag is a metallic color bag which is very sleek and envelops style thin bag. I found the size of the bag quite small this time and will not be useful to store makeup.


Now let’s see what came inside the bag there are two cards as always. The first one has a theme written on it plus has the product name, quantity and price on it and the other one has monthly contest details.


So let’s see what are all products came in this month bag and I will give you a brief introduction of all the product and I will do a detailed review of all the products one by one in my later posts. So the first product is :

  1. Health vit Activated Charcoal Face Wash – The cost of this face wash is Rs 200/- for 100 gm and this is a full-size product. Health vit Activated Charcoal Facewash targets deep-down impurities to defend against daily buildup – like dirt, oil, and make-up – for a truly deep clean it naturally purifies and deep cleans. Draw out and traps 2X more dirt and impurities than a basic face wash. Provides deeply cleaned, tingly-smooth skin.
  2. Nelf USA Collosal Eyeliner – The cost of this eyeliner is Rs 150/- for 1.1 gm and this is also a full-size product. Nelf eyeliner pencil has light-absorbing pigments, with double the intensity-color payoff. All bright color enhances the natural color and shine of your eyes in a single stroke.
  3. Ayorma Deep Exfoliator – This is a bonus product so the price of the scrub is not given and it is a 10 gm scrub. A mild daily scrub for the face that gently exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities around the face. Renews the skin surface for a brighter, more even skin tone, leaving the skin feeling smooth and looking luminous.
  4. Kara Centric Bleu Perfume –  The cost of perfume is Rs 74/- for 2 ml and it is a tester. The fragrance is quite strong and they have also provided a coupon for 20% off with it. One thing I was confused about is when I visited their website they were showing the BLEU range of perfumes for men.
  5. Sugar As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact – 01 Latte –  Now coming to the last product which is a compact. The cost for the compact is Rs 699/- for 9 gm of product. This is a full-size product and is a star product of the month. This time so many choices where given and all the choices were from the sugar cosmetics brand. The choices available were SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick, SUGAR Eye Told You So! Smudgeproof Eyeliner – Black Swan, SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour, The SUGAR LASH MOB LIMITLESS MASCARA, SUGAR As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact in 3 shades 01 Latte (Light), 02 Cappuccino (Light-Medium) and 03 Macchiato (Medium). As I didn’t like any of the shades in lipsticks so I  have selected the compact in the shade 01 Latte. Will review it after using it soon.



So, my final thought regarding this month fab bag is I felt this month bag has less of full-size product and there were overall 5 product in which one was the bonus and one was the tester apart from this it would have been better if the facewash was organic one as I generally prefer herbal and organic facewash more. The best thing is of course Sugar Compact. All the products are good and will be useful to me. So overall I  felt the bag was nice and has a good product in it.

Rating: I will rate it 4/5 as there were less full-size products.

Hope you guys liked the review will be back with some new post till then follow me on social media and subscribe via email for all the latest updates.

Glitters All That with love 🌝🌝🌝



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