Naked 3 Urban Decay Brush Set Of 12 Piece – Review


Hey girls!! Welcome back to So here I am with a new review and it’s about Naked 3 Urban Decay(Replica) makeup brushes. A few days back I received these brushes and I was very excited to review them. So guys without wasting much time let’s start the review. The cost of this set of brushes is –

Rs 265/- for 12 Brushes


Claims of the product –

Brand new and high quality. Handle for easy use,Soft and silky to touch. Makeup Brush Comes in with Case. The 12 sets of facial makeup brushes function to cover all brush, readily available, especially for sisters and professional make-up person to create beauty -DOES NOT SHED: Well-made tightly packed bristles of these ultra-soft brush.



The brushes come in a sturdy tin box packaging which I really liked as they are easy to use and convenient to carry while travelling. These are made in China brushes and are the replica of urban decay. The brushes have a wooden handle and are quite small in sizes. All the brushes are individually packed in a plastic wrap which I found nice. Majorly there are eyes and face brushes in it. Though they are replicas the quality of the brushes are very nice and all the brushes are very smooth.


These brushes are best for the beginners and are very easy to use. They don’t shed which makes it worth buying at such a low price. This 12 brush covers all the essential brushes which are required for the makeup. The only drawback of having them is no detail of the brushes is mentioned as which brush is used for what purpose which makes it quite difficult for the beginners to identify there uses.

Well, I have a solution for it as the below image will help you with what are the uses of all the 12 brushes.



I will rate it 4/5 as the uses of a brush is not mention so it becomes quite difficult to identify.

Final Verdict :

For me, they are the best set of brush at this price as they have very soft bristles and they do not shed as well. I would definitely give it a high buyer rating if you are a beginner or running out of the budget then you should definitely give a thought of buying them. They are easily available online at very competitive prices.

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