Some Skincare Routine

Some Skincare Routine for Healthy and Beautiful Even-Tone Skin

To look beautiful, clean and fresh you don’t have to do many things. You just have to take out some time from your busy schedule. We all are too much busy in our daily schedule so it becomes difficult for us to take out some time for skincare but when it’s about looking beautiful we automatically get the time.


So today I have some skincare tips and routine by following which you can have a clean, clear and beautiful skin. So guys let’s get started.

So the first thing is

1.) Steam –

Once in a week while cleansing face put some petals of marigold and rose in water. if you want you can only put rose petals and boil it and then take the steam for around 5-7 minutes. It helps in opening the blocked pores plus helps in removing blackheads. If you do this and escape the monthly facial then also it works very well.


2.) Loofa –

For body scrub always use loofa. It easily cleanses the dead skin. With loofa clean your feet, knees, elbow and underarms. You can also use natural loofa made of ridged gourd (Turai). Just take a little scrub and then rub it with loofa to remove dead skin.


3.) Smell Fresh all day –

While taking bath put a few drops of aroma oil or lavender oil in the fresh bucket of water. You can even add a bath salt if you want or a few drops of your favorite perfume. You will feel refresh and smell fresh all day.


4.) Scrubbing –

Use scrub twice a week on face, hands and legs. This helps to remove dead skin. You can even use a powdered orange peel or powered pomegranate peel as a scrub. Apart from this, you can use sugar or salt as a scrub. This also works well.


5.) Soft and moist skin –

After bathing pat your body using a towel and on moist skin apply the body lotion. This helps in moisture retention and makes the skin soft leaving the fragrance of cream for the whole day.


6.) The magic of water-

If you feel your skin is oily so wash your face 2-3 times a day with cold water. Always use a tissue to pat dry it. Avoid using wet towel used before as it may contain germs and may lead to acne.


7.)Glow with face pack –

Wake up in the morning and if you are not in a mood for a morning walk and have a little time just go for a ready to use face pack or face mask. Nowadays there are a variety of face masks available in the market to choose from. In summers you can use face pack made from cucumber or sandalwood.


So these are some skin care tips and routine which you can follow to get a beautiful and even toned glowing skin.

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See you soon


Glitters All That with Love….





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