Rules for Plus Size Dressing

Rules for Plus Size Dressing


Many times it happens that you buy your favorite dress with so much excitement and then when it’s time to flaunt it you feel it is not looking good on you and you are looking overweight in it. This happens due to wrong selection of dress according to your body weight. So here I am to help you in selecting a right dress for you and if you are an overweight person and love wearing the western dress then this article is definitely going to help you.

Just remember these few things while buying a dress and you never have to worry about anything else. So let’s get started –

1.) If you are wearing a short dress and it has a single color in it then always go for a dress with full of prints instead of a solid color dress. As this will help you in hiding your body bulge. If you have a fat on your leg area then go for a dress which is below the knee length. Wear matching accessories with the dress but not very heavy go for light and minimal look. It would be better if you wear sleek earrings and pair it with a good wristwatch.


2.) If your burst area is heavy then go for a V-neck dress in which there are gathers(Belt) near the waist. This helps to hide stomach fat. If you are wearing single color or solid color dress then carry a nude color handbag with it and wear a flat footwear with it. With this, all focus will be on the dress.


3.) If you are a healthy woman then you should wear only 1-2 inches of heels, this will make your legs look thin and highlight your figure. Keep balance while walking in the heels.


4.) It is very important to have a right fitted clothes. They should neither be very loose nor be very tight. If clothes are very tight then body fat will bulge out from here and there and if clothes are very loose you will look more flabby.

5.) If there is fat in the stomach area than wear low waist jeans as this will hide the fat around the hips and stomach.

6.) If you love to wear jeans or a trouser then wear a top or a tunic below the waist length this will hide the fat around the hips area.


7.) If you wear jeans or trouser with wide bottom then your thighs fat will be in focus always go for straight cut trousers or jeans.


8.) Generally, healthy woman avoids wearing a shirt as they feel they will look more healthy in it but they are wrong they look thin and tall in it. If you wear a shirt with blazer or jacket then your waist appears thin.


9.) If you like wearing dresses with strips so instead of horizontal dresses go for vertical thin stripes. Asymmetrical stripes will make you look thin so you can even go for that.


So, this was all about the plus size dressing rules hope you guys enjoyed the article and it will be helpful to you in selecting the right dress. Will be back with a new post soon till then subscribe the blog via Email to get the latest update on the new post and follow me on my social media channels for daily tips and happenings.

See You Soon


Glitters All That with Love…..



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