Glamego Box December – 2018

Glamego Box December2018 Unboxing and Review


Hello, friends welcome back to, here I am back with the unboxing and review of the glamego box for the month of December. So let’s see what I got in this month’s Glamego Box.

1Before starting let me give you a brief introduction regarding a Glamego Box.

Glamego is India’s No. 1 beauty subscription box.  Their experts assemble a unique set of hand-picked products every month. If you subscribe for this, then you will receive a monthly delivery, of  GlamEgo box. The box contains a set of full-sized and deluxe size beauty products. All of it is just for Rs. 299 per month if you opt for a 12 months subscription plan and Rs. 399 per month if you go for a single month box.


Now let’s see what products I have received in this month’s Glamego box. The theme for this month’s box is “Refill Your Favourites”. The box came in a cardboard packaging with glamego printed all over it. Inside the cardboard box is the main box. This month box is totally dedicated to the Christmas theme. It has a Santa Claus image printed on it with Merry Christmas wishes. The box has a magnetic opening which makes it useful for storing makeup or your accessories in it.

As soon as I opened the box there was a card inside the box which has its theme mentioned on the one side and products category on the other side.


Now before starting let me clear you one thing, to select the products they have sent an email in the midnight and when I opened the selection mail in the morning to select the products out of the given choices most of the products got out of the stock even many subscribers were left with only one choice or say no choice which was highly disappointing. 

Now let’s see all the products one by one. So, the first product is –

  1. Bella Voste Ulti-MatteLiquid Lipstick -The cost for this Lipstick is Rs 599/- for 3.7 ml. The shade which I have selected is 03 Naked. The reason for selecting the shade is I was not left with any other better choice then this as all the good lip contouring shades got out of stock, though this shade is very beautiful.


2. Elenblu High Volume Waterproof Mascara – The cost for this mascara is Rs 599/- for 8ml. I wanted to select a Bella Voste Brow Liner but it was out of stock so was not left with any better option than this. I have once used this mascara and it is just an ok product. Will do a detailed review soon.


3. Votre Silver Radiance Jelly Mask – The cost for this mask is Rs 1200/- for 30gm.  Now, this is something which I was really looking for. I have been using this mask since long now as a few month’s backs they have given it in one of the glamego boxes and it really works very well and makes face look very fresh and radiant.


4. Neemli Four Clay Mask – The cost for this face mask is Rs 325/- for 25 g. This face mask is again a random selection as I already have it but haven’t tried as I don’t find it suitable using clay mask in the winter because my skin tends to become dry and flaky and clay mask makes it worse.


5. Rhoto Acnes Pimple Defence Face Wash – The cost for this face wash is Rs 99/- for 50gm. Now in this, there were 2 choices one was a bio bloom hand and body lotion and other was this face wash and bio bloom lotion was out of stock so was left with this one option only. As I am not prone to acne so it is not useful for me.


So, this was all about December Month’s Glamego Box which is highly disappointing for me as in the morning 8’o clock only nothing good was left to select. The total cost of all the product together is worth Rs 2822/- and you will receive all these products just for Rs 299/- if you opt for 12 months subscription plan and if you are planning to buy only this month’s box you have to pay Rs 399 /- only.


Rating – I would rate it 2.5/5, as I feel this month’s box was not worthy for me.

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See You soon


Glitters All That with Love……



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