Fab Bag November – 2019

Fab Bag November2019

Unboxing and Review


Hello, guys!! Welcome to glittersallthat.com. Here I am with the Fab Bag for November – 2019. I am very excited to share with you what I have received in the November Fab Bag. Now before starting today’s post let me give you a brief and quick introduction regarding the fab bag.


Fab bag is a monthly beauty bag for women. This bag is generally for women who are beauty enthusiast and are looking for great products. A beautiful and delightful bag comes every month with 3 to 4 amazing products in it and it’s really worth having it. There are various subscription plans like Rs 599/- for 1 month, Rs 1599/- for 3 months, Rs 2899/- for 6 months and Rs 4999/- for 12 months.

Now let’s start with the review. The theme for the November Fab bag is The Beauty Fix. The bag came in a printed cardboard packaging with fab bag written everywhere on it.

As soon as I opened the package there was a beautiful shimmery black and golden bag. Trust me it actually stole the whole show, as I just loved it and it looked very nice. You can easily carry it as a hand purse or can use it to store your makeup essentials.


Now let’s see what came inside the bag. There are two cards as always. The first one has a theme written on it plus has the product name, quantity and price on it and the other one has monthly contest details.


So let’s see what are all products came in this month’s bag and I will give you a brief introduction of all the product and I will do a detailed review of all the products one by one in my later posts. So the first product is :

1.) N’LFE Lipstick Powder Matte

The cost for the lipstick is Rs 450/- for 3.8 gm of product. This is a full-size product. There was a different shade choice available out of which you need to select one. The shade that I selected was PM 109- Pink Robin. The lipstick was broken when I received it and I have contacted the Fab Bag Crew for the replacement let’s see whether I get a replacement or not. The shade is for fair skin tone and I would not recommend this shade to medium to darker skin tone.

2.) Chambor Dazzler Eye Liner Pencil

The cost of this eyeliner pencil is Rs 646/- for 0.28 gm of product. This is also a full-size product. The shade is common for all and it’s Black No.101. I have previously also used Chambor Eyeliner and I just loved it so much. I will be sharing a link below it.

3.) The Nature’s Co Purifying Vanilla Hand and Cuticle Emulsion

The cost for this hand cream is Rs 250/- for 50ML. It is also a full-size product. It is very hydrating. The fragrance is very appealing of shea butter and cocoa butter. It is going to work best for the coming winter.

4.) Krono-Lip Ceramide Enriched Lip Balm

The cost for this Lip Balm is Rs 245/- for 10gm of the product. This is also a full-sized product. I have not yet used this lip balm but will surely try it soon and will review it for you all.

5.) Plush Travel Pack

The cost for these sanitary pads is Rs 25/- for 3 pads. There are three different variants of the pad i.e 1 Light Flow Pad, 1 Heavy Flow Pad and 1 Panty Liner. Well, I feel it’s a perfect travel pack as it contains all the 3 variants and is easy to carry in the handbag.

6.) Pure Dust Herbal Powdered Face Wash

The cost of this sachet is Rs 10/- for 2 gm of product. This is a sample size face wash. I have never used a powdered face wash before so I am soon going to use it and see how it works.

So, my final thought regarding this month’s fab bag is,

I felt this month’s bag has all full-size products except the face wash and there was an overall 6 product. The best thing is, of course, Chambor Eyeliner Pencil. All the products are good and will be useful to me. So overall I felt the bag was nice and has good products in it.


I will rate it 4/5 as the lipstick was broken.I will be back soon with a new post till then subscribe to this blog via E-mail and follow me on my social media channels i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.See you soon

Glitters All That with Love ♥♥♥

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