Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing MilkReview


Price – Rs 95/-

Quantity–100 ml


Hello guys and welcome back to glittersallthat.com, here I am with a new review and it’s about Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk. For me, cleansing milk works as the best makeup remover in winters as it removes all the makeup from the face without making the skin dry.

So now let’s start with the review.


Claims on the Product

A special blend of herbs that gently remove dirt, makeup and daily impurities while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture balance. Lemon, a natural cleanser and astringent, clarifies and refreshes, Grape Seed rejuvenates, and Mentha sp cools your skin to keep it clear, healthy and radiant.



Exts. Jambira (Citrus Limon) Fr PI.0.5 mg, Draksha (Vitis vinifera) Sd 0.4 mg, PeppermintbSatva (Mentha spp)

Inactives: Methylparaben IP, Propylparaben IP, Phenoxyethanol IP.


Product Details and My Experience of Using It

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk comes in a white color plastic bottle with a green color flip top cap on it. The cap is quite tight which makes it travel-friendly. At the back of the bottle, all the ingredients and directions of use are mentioned. It has a runny consistency. The fragrance is the same as other cleansing milk that is very mild and soothing.

Now coming to my experience of using it I take a little bit of cleansing milk on a cotton swab and use it on my face to remove makeup. It works very well to remove makeup and all the dirt and impurities. But when it comes to eye makeup I must say you should avoid using it as it causes too much irritation in the eye and I was like truly scared when I tried it. I also sometimes use it to massage my neck area as it cleanses very well and makes skin well nourished. I feel in winter it is best to use cleansing milk to remove makeup as it does not dry out the skin. I feel it is one of the best-budgeted cleansing milk in the Indian Market.

In Brief

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk is one of the best makeup remover for dry skin as it keep skin well hydrated and at the same time removes the makeup and excess dirt from the face.  Just avoid it for removing eye makeup.


Now let’s see Pros and Cons

Pros –

  • Works best to remove makeup
  • Cleanses all the dirt and impurities
  • Very mild fragrance
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Travel-Friendly packaging
  • Budgeted cleansing milk

Cons –

  • Contains Paraben
  • Is not a good option to remove eye makeup


I would rate it 4/5, as it is works best makeup remover, cleanses face very well and is very pocket-friendly. The only thing I didn’t like is it contains paraben and caused too much irritation while removing eye makeup.

Final Verdict

I would give it a moderate buyer rating as if you are tight on budget and searching for good cleansing milk then you should definitely give it a try.

So, guys, this was all about Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk. I hope you guys liked the review and it will be helpful to you.

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See you soon


Glitters All That with Love ♥♥♥

You can buy it from the below link ⇓

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk



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