Fab Bag February – 2020

Fab Bag February2020 Unboxing and Review

Hello, guys!! Welcome to glittersallthat.com. Here I am with the Fab Bag for February – 2020. So this is the second Fab Bag of the year and it is Valentine’s Month Fab bag

Now before starting today’s post let me give you a brief and quick introduction regarding the fab bag.


Fab bag is a monthly beauty bag for women. This bag is generally for women who are beauty enthusiast and are looking for great products. A beautiful and delightful bag comes every month with 3 to 4 amazing products in it and it’s really worth having it. There are various subscription plans like Rs 599/- for 1 month, Rs 1599/- for 3 months, Rs 2899/- for 6 months and Rs 4999/- for 12 months.

Now let’s start with the review. The theme for this month’s Fab Bag is The Wrapped in Love February Fab Bag. The bag came in a printed cardboard packaging with a fab bag written everywhere on it.

As soon as I opened the package there was, of course, a beautiful white color bag with Doodling on it. I must say they never disappoint when it comes to the design of the bag.


Now let’s see what came inside the bag. There are two cards as always. The first one has a theme written on it plus has the products name, quantity and price on it and the other one has monthly contest details.


So let’s see what are all products came in this month’s bag and I will give you a brief introduction of all the products and I will do a detailed review of all the products one by one in my later posts. So the first product is :

1.) Sugar Powder Play Banana Compact

The cost of this banana compact is Rs 599/- and it is a full-size product. This is the star product of the month. There were different choices available like Sugar Translucent Compact, Banana Compact and Bling Leader Illuminating Moisturizer (3 Shades option), so I choose the banana compact as I wanted to buy a good banana compact and when I got option so I thought what can be better than this.


2.) Kasca Dream Star Nail Lacquer

The cost of this nail lacquer is Rs 560/- and it is a full-size product. There are 4 different shades available in this nail lacquer and you are going to get any random shade out of these four. The shade I received is Shade No. 85 – Natures Way. It’s a beautiful silver color shade with a shimmer in it.


3.) SHAY Heart Shape Soap

The cost of this soap is Rs 399/- and it is a full – size product. Now, this is pure strawberry 100% natural and hand made soap. I just love using handmade soap as these are free from harsh chemicals.


4.) All Natural Co. Pure Aloe Vera Gel

The cost of this aloe vera gel is Rs 399/- and it is a full – size product. This is a pure aloe vera gel as the name suggests it has no fragrance, no color and no preservatives. I love using aloe vera gel in summers.


5.) Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic White Tea And Chamomile Face Wash

The cost of this face wash is Rs 43/- and it is a sample sized product. I love using Blossom Kochhar products as they are highly effective and have never disappointed me.


So, my final thought regarding this month’s fab bag is,

I felt the best part about this month’s Fab Bag is the bag itself. Next thing I liked the most is the makeup choices as they are all newly launched products from Sugar Cosmetics.



I will rate it 4/5 as I like pink and red shades in nail paint.

So, guys I will be back soon with a new post till then subscribe to this blog via E-mail and follow me on my social media channels i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

See you soon

Glitters All That with Love ♥♥♥


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