Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip BalmReview


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Hello guys and welcome back to, I hope you all are doing well.

So guys here I am with the new review and it’s about the Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm. Lip Balm application is one of the very important parts of everyone’s skincare routine. I never escape a lip balm in my morning and night skincare routine as I have very dry lips, so I keep on trying different lip balms which can help me to get rid of dry lips and also have pigmentation issue on my lips so I thought of giving this lip balm a try.

So without wasting any time lets’ jump to the review and my experience of using this lip balm.


Claims on the Product

This de-pigmentation lip balm visibly lightens dark lips and makes them look healthy and supple. It evens out lip tone. Moisturizes dry and chapped lips. It is organically pure and preservative-free. Dermatologist tested for safety, no animal testing.


Ingredients –

Draksha Fruit – 2.0%, Vach Rhizome – 2.0%, Mulethi Stem – 1.5%, Badam Tail – 3.0%, Surajmukhi Tail – 2.0%, Till Oil – 4.5%, Shukal Erand Tail – 12.5%, Kusumbhi Tail – 3.5%, Bees Wax – 68.9%.


Product Details and My Experience of Using It –

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm comes in a cream and green plastic jar. This is a signature jar for all biotique products. This is a tinted lip balm and the color of the lip balm is red. The consistency of a lip balm is very thick.

Coming to my experience of using it. I am using it for 6 months or more now and I am on my second tub of lip balm. I use it on a regular basis. Now the reason why I bought this lip balm is, as I was suffering from very pigmented and dry lips and it is a whitening lip balm that too 100% ayurvedic and free from chemicals and preservatives so I thought why not give it a try.

So! did it worked on pigmentation, sadly no it didn’t.

Obviously, you must be wondering then why I am on the second tub of this lip balm, so the reason is this lip balm is highly hydrating. It keeps my lips moisturized for a whole day. Previously I used to lick my lips a lot due to dryness but now my lips are moisturized all the time due to which I don’t lick them and this has helped a lot in regaining the old texture of lips. You can’t use this underneath the lipstick as it is tinted and also it feels heavy on lips. As per the price point, I think Biotique is one of the most affordable brands with highly effective products in India.


In Brief

Lip Balm is a essential part of skincare routine irrespective of season and it is very important to have a good lip balm as a good lip balm helps in getting rid of dry and chapped lips. In my opinion if you are person who suffers a problem of dry and chapped lips like me then this lip balm is definetly going to be your saviour.

Now let’s see the Pros and Cons

Pros –

  • Tinted Lip Balm
  • Highly hydrating
  • Helps in healing chapped lips
  • Made with 100% Botanical Extracts
  • Preservative-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Travel-friendly packaging

Cons –

  • Tub packaging makes it unhygienic
  • Does nothing for pigmentation
  • Feels heavy on lips

Rating –

I will rate it 4/5.

Final Verdict –

One of my favorite tinted lip balm from all the lip balms I have used previously. Surely going to repurchase it as already on the 2nd tub.

I hope you guys liked the review. I will be back soon with a new post till then subscribe to this blog via E-mail and follow me on my social media channels i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

See you soon

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