Fab Bag August – 2020

Fab Bag August2020 Unboxing and Review


Hello, guys!! Welcome to glittersallthat.com. Here I am with the Fab Bag for the month of August – 2020. I always wait for the fab bag as it comes up with very nice products every month.

Now before starting today’s post let me give you a brief and quick introduction regarding the fab bag.


Fab bag is a monthly beauty bag for women. This bag is generally for women who are beauty enthusiast and are looking for great products. A beautiful and delightful bag comes every month with 3 to 4 amazing products in it and it’s really worth having it. There are various subscription plans like Rs 599/- for 1 month, Rs 1599/- for 3 months, Rs 2899/- for 6 months and Rs 4999/- for 12 months.

Now let’s start with the review. The theme for this month’s Fab Bag is The TRI-OOMPH August Fab Bag. The bag came in a printed cardboard packaging with a fab bag written all over it.

As soon as I opened the package there was, of course, a very pretty brown color floral bag. I must say they never disappoint when it comes to the design of the bag.


Now let’s see what came inside the bag. There are two cards as always. The first one has a theme written on it plus has the product name, quantity and price on it and the other one has monthly contest details.


So let’s see what products came in this month’s bag and I will give you a brief introduction for all the products and I will do a detailed review of all the products one by one in my later posts. So the first product is :

1.) Disguise Velvet Glow Multistick63 Champagne Moonshine

The cost of this multi stick is Rs 600/- and it is a full-size product. Now there were various shade options available and you need to choose the shade of your choice. You can use this stick as a highlighter, eyeshadow or for creating any makeup look of your choice.


2.) Perfect Stay – fx Colour Nail Lacquer

The cost for this nail paint is Rs 199/- and this is also a full-size product. There are no color choices for this they are sending random color to everyone. I received shade no 128 which is a very beautiful brown shade and is looking so nice after application.


3.) Disguise Feather – light Matte Liquid Lip Cream31 Relaxed Mocha

The cost for this liquid lipstick is Rs 700/- and this is also a full-size product. There was BRICKS New York Ultimate Liquid Lipstick ( Shade choice available), Disguise Feather- Light Matte Liquid Cream (Shade choice available), N’LFE Lipstick Powder Matte ( Shade choice available) and Wet N Wild Megalast Catsuit Metallic Eyeshadow (Shade choice available) out of which you need to select one. I have tried all the 3 products before so I thought of giving Disguise lip cream a try. I loved the shade, it looks quite good on me.


4.) Mom’s Therapy Coffee Body Scrub

The cost of this coffee body scrub is Rs 325/- and this is also a full-size product. Now I love products which have coffee as the main ingredients in it because first of all, they smell heavenly and secondly coffee has so much skin benefits in it. So I am looking forward to trying this scrub very soon.


5.) Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Anti- Oxidant Firming Lotion

The cost of this lotion is Rs 50/- for 11ml. It is a sample size of the product. There were options available between 2 palmers products. I have previously used palmers product and they work very well. So looking forward to trying this as well.


So, my final thought regarding this month’s fab bag is,

I just love the product choices they gave this time. All the 3 products choices are amazing and the bag looks so good and beautiful. Coffee scrub is quite useful product and I feel this is one of the best bag.



I will rate it 5/5 as I loved everything from bag design, color to every product it had.

This was all about the Fab Bag for the month of August. I hope you enjoyed reading the review.

So, guys I will be back soon with a new post till then subscribe to this blog via E-mail and follow me on my social media channels i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

See you soon


Glitters All That with Love ♥♥♥

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