Hello There!

I am Chetna Arora, Founder and Creative mind behind glittersallthat.com. Masters in Management my love for Makeup, Beauty, Health, Lifestyle and Cooking has encouraged me to start this blog in the year 2016. In 2016 I was not a full-time blogger and I just used to post occasionally but finally, in 2017, I started full-time blogging as this is something I was passionate about and I wanted to be in my life.

The reason for naming the blog as Glitters All That is, I am obsessed with Sparkles and Glitters and that’s the reason I named it so and I feel little glitters or sparkles can do wonders and bring happiness and positivity everywhere.

I always find time to create good and quality content for you all and whenever I am free I keep on researching and finding new ideas to make this blog a better place so my readers enjoy visiting and reading the latest stuff.

Brands I, have worked with Myntra, Cadbury, Plum, St.Ives, Glamego, Indus Valley, Glamaroma, Luxura Sciences, Urban Botanics, Sukin, Seer Secrets, Blue Nectar, Sage Apothecary, Vital Organics, House of Makeup, Palladio, Health Vit, Simple Skincare, Bella Vita Organics, Deyga, Loreal etc  …………

Thanks for visiting and being the part of my journey.

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