Deyga Jasmine Facial Toner

Deyga Jasmine Facial Toner Review

Price – Rs 450/-

Quantity – 100 ml

Hey guys and welcome back to, I hope you all are safe and doing well. So here I am with a new review for my all lovely readers. It’s about Deyga Jasmine Facial Toner.

Toners are so soothing in the summers specially the ones which can be kept in refrigerator and than you spray them on your face and it instantly makes you feel very refreshed.

I have so many toners as I love how they make face feel fresh and have so many skin benefits at the same time.

So without any further due let’s jump to the review

Claims on the Product –

The intense strain of the residual jasmine water from this process is extremely light, naturally hydrating, and fragrant. It calms irritated skin, provides a natural cooling affect and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed

Ingredients –

Steam Distilled Jasmine

Product Details and My Experience of Using It –

Deyga Jasmine Facial Toner comes in a plastic bottle with a spray which makes it very convenient to use and also makes it travel-friendly (PLEASE AVOID UNNECESSARY TRAVELS DURING COVID-19).

The packaging is quite simple and light weight.

It has a watery consistency like all the other toners. You can either directly spary it on your face or can spray it on cotton pad and than gently swipe off the dirt from your face. It can also be used to dilute the face pack.

It has a very soothing fragrance of jasmine as soon as you spray it but just after a few seconds the fragrance turns out to be like a stale flower smell. Now, this is the first time I am using Jasmine toner, so I don’t know if all Jasmine toners smells the same like this or not.

Now coming to my experience of using it, though I didn’t like the fragrance but I still tried it to see if it does anything or not. It gives a cooling effect as I stored it in the refrigerator and then used it.

For the pores I didn’t felt it does anything. Though it is quite hydrating toner and doesn’t makes face dried out.

It didn’t caused any acne or pimples on my face.

I have tried quiet a number of products from Deyga and I have also tried their Lemon Toner and it was just amazing. But due to fragrance I didn’t liked this toner.

Now let’s see the Pros and Cons

Pros –

  • 100% pure
  • Gives a cooling effect
  • Doesn’t breakout
  • It hydrates the face
  • Travel friendly packaging

Cons –

  • Smells like a stale Jasmine flower
  • Does nothing for large pores
  • Not worth the price

Rating –

I would definitely rate it 2/5

Final Verdict –

Overall I felt you can try out the other toner from them like the lemon one which I have already tried and it works so good.

So this was all about Deyga Jasmine Facial Toner. I hope you guys liked the review. I will be back soon with a new post till then subscribe to this blog via E-mail and follow me on my social media channels i.e FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

See you soon


Glitters All That with Love ♥♥♥


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